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My personal story 

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It was my ultimate unknown. I realized I could not name my values, dreams, or even my emotions. I was numb. A result of years of conforming to the views of society and what I thought I should do and want.  


I had gone to college, graduated with high marks and a degree in psychology. Went on to get a Masters in Marketing in Europe and then moved to sunny Los Angeles to pursue a career in the glamorous, yet stressful world of advertising. 


It was a seemingly picture-perfect life. I was climbing the corporate ladder slowly, in golden handcuffs. However, I knew intuitively it was not the right career for me. And, instead of listening, I began to numb myself, disconnecting to my emotional and physical body. 

I was happy as long as I never stopped working, never stopped consuming. 


Until I was forced to stop. I was let go from my job and finally given the opportunity to slow down and feel. 

This question came up, in a moment of immense self-doubt as I took in the purple and pinks of the sunset over the Amazon River. I was surrounded by beauty, but I couldn’t find peace.


Feeling for the first time in years the depths of the pain that had come from my inability to connect to myself. 

I set out on this adventure on an impulse, hoping that the journey into the jungle would spark the 'aha moment' I was so desperately seeking: An answer to the ever-looming question of my 20’s...

What is my purpose?' 

Instead, all that seemed to come up were more and more questions. All of which led me to this most fundamental one.. ‘Who am I really?’ 


"Who am I really?"


I knew something essential was missing. I began questioning how I got to this place, and how I could fill the void I felt with something real.

I wanted a deeper purpose. 


This seeking eventually led me to the moment in the jungle. Where I finally awoke to my numb, disconnected self. And confronted the understanding that: a life like this could never lead to true contentment. 


I had no option but to tear down my old belief system and take control of my life. I was determined to dive deep onto the path of self-discovery. To understand who I was, what I wanted, and to be conscious of my decisions and actions from then onward. 


This commitment was the true beginning of my self-healing journey. One that opened me up completely. Allowing me to connect with my true self and to discover the answers to my questions. Along the way, I learned how to welcome the shadows and emotions I had denied for so long. And, in the end, as it so often does… the journey inward led me to my purpose. 


To help others discover their own truth. To connect deeply to who they are so that they can live an aligned, joyous life. 


My purpose brought me to the world of coaching, my certification as a Core Energy™ Coach, and to a life today that I have always desired. 


The journey was not easy.


It took years of work, self-inquiry, bravery, and confronting all the things I had spent a lifetime avoiding. But in the end, what I found was invaluable. I found my own inner compass. A part of myself that was always there, waiting for me to tap into it for guidance. Through this, I have been able to actively create my life instead of simply going through the motions.


Aligning to this part of me allowed me to wake up, feel more deeply and truthfully, and to discover what it feels like to be truly alive.  

My hope and greatest wish is to help you do the same. 

So I ask you the same question which thrust me on my journey…


"Who are you really?"


Additional information on my life, interests and expertise

I have lived in 6 different countries and traveled to 30. Traveling was the first way I connected to my inner compass.

I have an undergraduate degree in psychology and am completing my master's in Consciousness, Spirituality, and Transpersonal Psychology.

I am a seeker in all areas of my life. This has shaped who I am and helps me as a coach to distill this quality in my clients and our conversations. 

I am always reading self-mastery, psychology, and spiritual books (usually 2 at a time!).

I am fascinated by Somatic Coaching and Internal Family Systems. 


My favorite podcasts are: Brené Brown- Unlocking Us, Goop Podcast, Mark Groves -Making Your Heart Make Sense,  Coaches Rising, Voices of Esalen, Where Should We Begin w/ Esther Perel. (I have so many more! ask if you're interested)

I volunteer my time for the non-profit Mom's House for Children as HR and partnership director. 

I grew up on a farm. Now the outdoors feel more home than cities. My favorite trees are redwoods, aspens and dogwoods. <3 

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