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Complimentary 1:1

This  complimentary 20-minute video session and is the first step in our potential relationship.


It is a chance to see if we are a good fit. We will discuss what brought you to my services and how we can work together. 


sustainable change

Coaching Packages 

If you are ready to commit and know what you want to work on why wait? 


My 1:1 coaching session come in programmed packages based on a sliding scale depending on your location and personal abundance. 

Packages come with a minimum commitment of 6 sessions. 


Psychedelic Exploration

Are you curious about altered states of consciousness and healing??? 


Let's meet and discuss a program that could be best for you. I only work with clients who are willing to properly prepare and integrate for their journey's. This means 3-4 sessions before and after. Book a 20 complimentary call to discuss and learn more.   

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