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My goal as your coach is to help you get to know yourself on levels far beyond what you do and the version you share with the world. I care most about what is deep within you. You at your core. Call it soul or higher Self. This is the one who knows what impact you want to make and is ready to take action. 


I'm Nicole!


Our work will help you identify this inner compass so you can live an aligned life, but first, we will have to understand the other layers built over time to protect or hide your essence. Using transpersonal techniques, internal family systems, and eventually, psychedelics, I will help you learn tools that allow you to understand and heal the parts of you that might be holding you back and making you play small. We are often our worst enemy; we have the ability and skills to go after our dreams but hold ourselves back for lack of trust.

I will help you work past this to show up with trust instead of fear.  

Another huge component of our work is expanding your awareness and strengthening your ability to connect to yourself and the world around you. We live in a society of numbing. We value the brain, rationalizing and getting through it, over the heart, feeling, and finding presence. It is no wonder that so many of us have lost our ability to tap into our most valuable human resource - our intuition. 


Connecting to emotions, thoughts, and body sensations helps you see the complete picture of yourself and how you show up in the world.  It also allows you to tap into a deeper level of growth potential


What does it feel like when you speak your truth? Can you sense your triggered response? How do you know when you are grounded and centered? When are you at home within yourself? 


These are just a few questions we will work through as you develop an embodied sense of yourself. Once you make this connection, we can use it as a compass for your life.


Our visions and dreams come easily from a place of trust and deep connection. But first, we have to be willing to do the work and look beyond the ego and into our depths. 

My Qualifications

I am a lifelong learner and explorer dedicated to continuously going deeper with myself and my clients because I strongly believe that I can only go as deep with clients as I have gone with myself. I find my best education to be a mix of theory, hands-on training, and true life experience. 


MSc Consciousnes, Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology
Alef Trust


BA Psychology
University of San Diego 

Internal Family Systems Lvl 1 

IFS Portugal - 2024

  • MSc focuses on diverse topics around the nature of consciousness, the dynamics between psyche and soma, the psychology of self and higher states of being, psychedelics, and the psychological basis of spiritual and mystical practices.

  • Attended from 2005-2009. Graduated cum laude with a 3.5 GPA. 

  • Internal Family Systems is a unique and powerful way in which to learn about, trust, and love our parts and ourselves, as well as the parts and Self of others.

  • Certified with IFS + 90 hours of training and 1:1 support and practical experience. 

Polyvagal Theory & IFS  

IFS Portugal  - Feb 2024

  • Learned fundamentals of Polyvagal Theory and Internal Family Systems Therapy and explored how theory and practices of both can be integrated in practice.  

ICEERS Psychedelic Integration Certification
Sept - Dec 2023

  • Psychedelic integration training on supporting people facing challenges after difficult psychedelic experiences.

  • Curriculum covered: Theoretical foundations and paradigms. Scenario-based intervention protocol. Useful integration tools and techniques. And a tested and proven framework for supporting clients. 

Cosmic Care Training / Waking Life Volunteer
2023- Present 

  • Trained and experienced as a 'trip sitter' versed in harm reduction, including a deep understanding of psychedelic substances, risks, effects, and how to handle adverse experiences. 

Beyond Experience - Integration Training - March 2022
MIND Foundation

Big Leap Coach 
Jan - Oct 2021

Core Energy Coach
Institute for Professional Coaching

Jan 2018-2019 

  • Intensive aimed to help participants master the art of integrating psychedelic experiences. Dove deep into science-based integration theories and explored hands-on practices and a mix of integration techniques – from trance journeys and creative expression to somatic exercises.

  • Certified as a Big Leap Coach under the study of Dr. Gay and Katie Hendricks. Two part study, Body Intelligence with a focus on somatic coaching and Conscious Loving relationship coaching. 16 weeks with over 60 hrs training.

  • iPEC coaching certification is ICF accredited, with 320 in-person training hours. Upon completion, received the title of ‘Certified Professional Coach’. iPEC’s coaching philosophy is based on working with the client’s energy, coaching the person, raising their level of consciousness, and opening new possibilities through mindset shifts.

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