Aligning to Your Purpose.

Updated: May 13, 2020

Is purpose something that we do? or is it a state of being?

How evaluating your beliefs around purpose can open up a new approach to the question, 'what is my purpose?'.

Recently I have been contemplating the idea of purpose. This is not a unusual topic for me, having spent the majority of the past 10 years on the search answer for the ever ominous question...

“what is my purpose?”.

No matter how I approached it, I could never seem to get a definitive answer. And what was worse, I was critical of myself for this, “how could I not know something that was supposed to be so specific to me?”, “How could I not know my passions and talents?”, “what was wrong with me?”.

I thought if I could just find my answer, my life would be in order, I would know what to do, where I was going and who to be.

That’s some pressure on one question isn’t it!!

That was when I stopped and wondered…What are my beliefs around purpose?

Why do I want this so badly?

What does having a knowing my purpose provide?

My answer: Direction, guidelines for what to do with my life, and a sense of accomplishment, of fulfilling my part of the grand puzzle of life.

I realized that for me, purpose was something that I had to DO.