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Recognizing and Embracing Seasons. Spring Inspiration.

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Have you ever consciously watched spring come to life?

Noting the small shifts in the world around you. With the start of a little bud, slowly opening day by day, each plant undergoing the process of

taking on new shapes and colors. Growing to the most beautiful expression of self.

This year, with the pause from COVID, I was given the opportunity to witness spring. Starting just shortly after the weather turned, my eye noticed a new addition on the branch of a very bare little tree near my patio. It was almost impossible to see at first... Just a tiny bud with the smallest trace of green. But over the next few days, I witnessed this same touch of green appear across the tree’s branches and on all the other dogwoods in the yard. As I watched them undergo this change together I wondered how they so perfectly organized their simultaneous arrival. As if all of a sudden, the sun awoke something within them... Cueing some internal natural systems and responses.

Saying, “it is time”.

Time to come out, to show your true colors, to grow and bloom and blossom. All in the joint responsibility to help with the overall growth of the tree… and sustaining of its life, and the life of those around it.

As the buds grew bigger they grew into beautiful leaves… so bright green and fresh and alive looking. With closer examination, I saw that a few of these little leaves were actually blossoming into white flowers. I watched them open little by little to the sun. And became heightened aware of life springing in a similar manner on the other trees.

Soon, the flowers joined in to show their beautiful multicolored faces. I loved to note on my walk all of the new arrivals. Doing the same dance of life as

the others. Welcoming in the new, celebrating their presence then and there, after such a long time waiting. The birds and animals all shared in this dance in their own way. With colors, songs, and celebrations.

The air is full of life.

Sharing in this experience, actively witnessing the beauty and grace of it all, I cannot help but have a similar stir of feelings…

An awaking of something within me that also has heard a call to change.

A call that feels very much like a natural instinct, something necessary that has been stirring and waiting for a signal. I am feeling the need to bloom. To step out of myself, showing my face opening into my largest blossom so that I too can receive nutrients... From the sun, and also from life itself. This call to change is encouraging new growth, helping me extend past what I thought was possible. Blossoming so that I can live more fully and help those around me do

the same… just as the trees and flowers aid in the sustained life of their natural system.

I am grateful to have reached this spring season because I am well aware of what I had to endure in my winter to arrive here.

Like the natural world, we too have cycles in our lives. Unfortunately, we don't always experience these in sync with the shifts in weather. We instead are all on our own unique path. Changes come not with the sun or rain, but instead when we are ready, or often when we have no choice but to bloom, break or hibernate.

We are all constantly changing. Going through the process of living. Being aware and a witness to this cyclical nature is the first step, but the true growth hap

pens when we are able to go deeper. To come to a state of acceptance of the season we are in now. Acceptance of what is, and an honoring the experience.

This simple shift in perspective and acknowledgment of the process can help us endure even the moments that seem difficult and bring up resistance and fear. Knowing that this too shall pass, both what is perceived as good and bad. Just as spring turns to summer, and fall to winter.

We are always changing and there are gifts within every season.

If we can sit in awe of the beauty of nature. Of all it has to offer in all it's seasons. We can sit with ourselves and our experience through all of its beautiful, twists, turns, and ultimately fulfilling offerings.

Embracing the process of living... and always looking forward to the inevitable arrival of spring.

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